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There are many ways to analyze basketball totals. One method I look at is trying to anticipate what the pace of the game might be. The Houston Rockets, for instance, like to play the games at a slow pace. That’s because head coach Jeff Van Gundy loves to emphasize defense every game. When he was coach of the Knicks they were one of the top defensive teams in the NBA, one that didn’t mind winning a game 84-81.  축구중계

Now that he is coach of the Rockets, that strategy came with him. The Rockets are second in the NBA in points allowed and first in field goal shooting defense. When they play a team like San Antonio, you can anticipate a slow-paced game with rugged defense and no easy shots.

But an angle within this angle that is even more important is how the team is doing LATELY. That’s more important than season averages. Memphis, for instance, became a wide-open, running offense in midseason when a new coach took over. The Clippers are suddenly struggling to score points and that’s tied into the fact that starting point guard Shaun Livingston is out for the year (knee injury) and Sam Cassell isn’t playing much with some nagging injuries.

Let’s examine a game I gave out this week when Philadelphia played at Atlanta. If you look at the overall stats of the season, you see a pair of lousy offensive teams. The 76ers average 95 ppg, sixth-worst in the NBA, while the Hawks are dead last at 93 ppg. Based on that, you might expect a low scoring game and a low total by oddsmakers.

However, take a look at how those teams have played lately: Atlanta is on an 8-3 run over the total, while Philadelphia has scored 99 or more in 4 of the last 5 games. Their offenses are gaining more cohesion and confidence. Atlanta has scored 100, 106, 99 and 104 points the last four games. The 76ers struggled offensively after trading star Allen Iverson, which was to be expected. But that was several months ago, meaning that the other players on the team have had to learn to pick up the slack, distribute the ball, and look for the new go-to guy(s). So what happened? The total was set low by oddsmakers at 185. Yet, Atlanta shot over 49% and finished with 104 points. The teams combined for 196 points, more than 10 points higher than the total for an easy over.

Just as revealing in the box score was the balanced scoring. You never thought about balanced scoring when Iverson was on the 76ers, yet they had 5 guys in double digits that game. Other factors with respect to totals are: Are any teams playing with no rest? Is this a team’s third game in four nights? Players that are not rested means the first thing to go are their legs. Tired teams are less likely to have the energy to play good defense. Also, examine balanced scoring and potential mismatches, like a good backcourt going against a team that has poor defensive guards.

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The NBA West will produce one team standing in the end, but what a battle it will be to whittle things down. All eight teams are good, some excellent, but perhaps no great team in the bunch. The reason may be they have punched the hell out of each other during the regular NBA season, and the playoffs will be more of the same, but jack up the intensity several notches and there you are.

Easily the best matchup of the first round is the San Antonio Spurs versus the Phoenix Suns. Shaquille O’ Neal has been traded for this express reason, to produce against the likes of Tim Duncan. These teams do not like one another, and it seems like Duncan and Shaq have stood in each other’s way going on a decade for the right to be called the best. I had the Spurs upending the Suns in 6 in the West Finals before the season started, so let’s stay with Spurs in 6, just at an earlier date. The Spurs and Suns will wear one another out. Watch the effect on the winner as the playoffs progress.

The New Orleans Hornets let the #1 seed slip away late, and they get the Dallas Mavericks in the opening round. It is ironic that the Mavericks come in this season as the low seed, not much being expected. Last year, it was the Mavericks as the #1 seed that got pasted and wasted by the Golden State Warriors, an embarrassing loss for Dallas. I like Chris Paul a lot, but I smell an upset here. Dirk Nowitzki is one of the best when healthy, and he has been playing in MVP form the past couple of weeks. Dallas has the experience, and they have something to prove to themselves and the NBA. Go with Dallas in 6 to upset the up and coming Hornets.

The Utah Jazz and Houston Rockets are both really good teams, but just not at the elite level that it will take to win the NBA West. This is a rematch as well from a year ago, when the Jazz defeated the Rockets in 7 games, including a game 7 win on the road. I think the Rockets had a great season, especially the way they played without Yao Ming at the end. It ends here, with the Utah Jazz pecking away and taking the Rockets out in 5.

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If you’re one of the millions who love basketball, you pretty much know that the greatest league in the world is the NBA. The National Basketball Association has been established for the greatest athletes in the world. The league is composed of thirty teams based on thirty cities across America. Some of these teams are based on big-name cities like Miami, New York and Los Angeles. But of course, there are also those based on lesser-known towns, examples of which are Milwaukee, Oklahoma City and Minnesota. Nonetheless, basketball is still basketball, wherever it may be.

If you’ve been watching the NBA for a while now, you do understand that their brand of basketball isn’t just grounded on the basis of, well, basketball. Money, trades, signings, and drafts–they can all contribute to the current movements in the league. These days, it isn’t just a league anymore; it’s a conglomerate.

The new brand of entertainment in basketball is not only the things that you see on the court, but also the things that you hear and read about it. Want to experience this generation’s sports entertainment? A good idea can be going online and reading up on your teams. How can the Heat sign Lebron? Why did the Grizzlies trade Gasol for spare change? How much salary cap space do the Bulls still have? You may find some things are a lot more interesting when the ball stops rolling and the agents start talking. Some players may say that they’re still playing for the love of the game; but behind the cameras, they’re demanding multi-million contracts from their teams. Is this a bad thing? For us who watch, no it isn’t. But for the teams paying the players, yes it is. More or less, money can affect a team’s performance on the court. How, you may ask? Well for starters, teams with the most money to spend can sign the best players. The best teams have more than one eight-figure salary players on their rosters.