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Let’s take a closer look at the Korean baseball sports star monster pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin.

Last year, Hyunjin Ryu was the best.

With an average ERA of 2.32, it ranks first in the Major Leagues overall. Still, there have been several crises. In particular, the red light was on for two consecutive games in April at the beginning of the season. Had I sat here, the $80 million contract would have been blown away.

Ryu Hyun-jin stepped down after not exceeding two innings due to a groin injury in an away game against St. Louis on April 9. 1⅔2 runs in innings. The average ERA for the season was 3.07. Ryu Hyun-jin climbed the mound against Milwaukee 12 days later.

It was an important battle for Ryu Hyun-jin’s free agency ransom. Failure to do so would add to the injury history and the jackpot was likely to cross over. Ryu Hyun-jin threw with all his might. Struck out 9 strikeouts in 5⅔innings

However, after two home runs, Hoto was erased. The average ERA increased to 3.10. Highest average ERA over last season. Both home runs were hit by one batter. It also allowed the left-handed batter to take a batter.
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Christian Yelich (Milwaukee) is one of Ryu Hyun-jin’s natural enemies. He hit 4 hits (0.400) in 10 at-bats against Ryu Hyun-jin. All four hits were long hits, including three home runs and one double. He is a very good hitter, but there is no other way to explain except that if the left-handed hitter hits this well against the left-hander, he is a natural enemy.

Ryu Hyun-jin’s May 2019 was brilliant.

5 wins undefeated average ERA 0.59. It couldn’t have been better than this. Ryu Hyun-jin faces another crisis in late June ahead of the All-Star Game. It was an away game against Colorado on June 29th. An ominous place called the pitcher’s grave.

He stumbled with 7 runs in 4 innings. From episode 1, the signs were strange. The Arena, who was surprised by 1 company, 1 base, was also at bat. The conversion curve thrown at the ball count 2-2 was judged to be the ball. The calmness of the Arena, who didn’t play a bat, was creepy.

The disappointment of the pitcher is great if the pitcher thrown is missed. You cannot increase the number of batters on base by walking from the first inning. Eventually, I had to throw a fastball. Fortunately, it was inserted into the lower part of the body. However, Arena beat Hyunjin Ryu’s ball as if bending over.


The batted ball stretched out and disappeared behind the pitchers’ graves.

Arenado came out as the lead batter in the 4th inning and hit a double. 31 at-bats and 16 hits (0.516) against Hyunjin Ryu. 4 home runs and 4 doubles. The OPS is a whopping 1.591. It’s terrible to call it a natural enemy.

The natural enemy hitters dominate the atmosphere in this way. Yelich and Arenado are representative enemies of Hyunjin Ryu. On the 12th, Ryu Hyun-jin will start in the home (buffalo, not Toronto) game against the Miami Marlins. Concerned about the spread of Corona 19, the Canadian government did not approve the use of the Toronto stadium, so they have a home game in the neighboring US.

In Miami, there are hitters like Jesus Aguila, Corey Dickerson and Brian Anderson, but no one can be called Ryu Hyun-jin’s natural enemies. Catcher Francisco Serbelli (3 hits in 4 at-bats, few cases) is strong against Ryu Hyun-jin.
Ryu Hyun-jin checks 먹튀폴리스 and stands on the mound before going to the sports game.

As of the 9th, Miami is running 15th in team batting average (0.233) and 25th in team home runs (11) out of 30 clubs. Jesus Aguila is hitting the most home runs with four. Ryu Hyun-jin had no hits in his career. It is a good opportunity to overcome the first two games and win two consecutive games.

Ryu Hyun-jin, 33, throws an initial pitch this season from the temporary home stadium mound of the Toronto Blue Jays team, which was acquired in New York State, USA on behalf of Canada in the aftermath of the spread of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

Ryu Hyun-jin will be starting in the opening game of the 2020 season’s U.S.

pro baseball major league home, calling the Miami Marlins to Buffalo, New York, at 7:37 am (KST) on the 12th. Chalenfield is home to Buffalo Bison, the Toronto minor league triple-A team.

Toronto, the only Canadian out of the 30 major league teams, has organized a home game this season at Shalenfield. Canada’s federal government restricts traffic to and from the United States due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Toronto’s home stadium, Rogers Center in Ontario, was not allowed to hold major league games.

Ryu Hyun-jin was the first to step on the temporary home stadium mound as a starting point in the Toronto team. He is now aiming for two consecutive wins.

On the 6th, Ryu Hyun-jin started as Toronto’s starting pitcher in a major league away game that beat the Atlanta Braves 2-1 at True East Park in Atlanta, Georgia, and became a winning pitcher by blocking 5 innings with 1 hit and 3 walks.

In the previous two games, including the opening game, they did not win.

The average ERA soared to 8.00. Ryu Hyun-jin, who has accumulated an average ERA of 5.14 points in three matches so far, will try to add a multiplier and decrease the average ERA in the opening game at home.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who joined the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2013, scored an ERA of 3-1 and an ERA of 2.39 against Miami four times until last year. It is a team that left a relatively good memory. However, this season, Miami has a 70% win rate (7-3), leading the East Coast of the National League and cannot be ignored.

Right-hander Elizer Hernandez is the starting point for Miami to confront Ryu Hyun-jin. He started in the first game this season and blocked 4⅓ innings with 2 hits and no runs, but did not record a win or loss. The average ERA is 0.00, but it is difficult to give meaning as it is the result of one game. Last season, he started in 21 games and recorded an ERA of 5.03 with an average of 3-5.

This is because Ryu Hyun-jin is scheduled to start against Miami on the 12th, and Kim Gwang-hyun, who was in charge of the finish, joined the rotation due to a series of injury from the starting team and decided to start against Pittsburgh on the 12th. Ryu Hyun-jin climbs the mound as he is, but Kim Gwang-hyun is caught up in an unexpected variable called the successive corona confirmed by his teammates. After the first match of the series against Pittsburgh was postponed, the rest of the series became unclear.

Ryu Hyun-jin was sluggish in the first two games, but on the 6th in the Atlanta game, he won his first win of the season with a perfect pitch and will challenge Miami to win two. Ryu Hyun-jin, who was ambitiously recruited by Toronto, who had a weak power and lack of finances, fell short of expectations at the beginning, and some voices of concern such as the local media came out. He fought back with zero loss and imprinted his existence.

If he unfolds another good pitching against Miami on the 12th, it is expected that Ryu Hyun-jin’s position as Toronto’s ace will be solidified.

Regrettably, this game, which was initially played at home, will be played at Salenfield’s temporary home stadium in Buffalo, New York due to the Canadian government’s ban on the use of home stadiums due to coronavirus. There is no home advantage because you have to live in a hotel, so it is not much different from an away game.

Ryu Hyun-jin said, “I heard a lot of things that it would be better than I thought it would be better than I thought,” about his first appearance at Salen Field, where the minor league stadium was renovated. I think there will be.”

While Ryu Hyun-jin prepared an opportunity for a reversal, Kim Gwang-hyun is expected to be the 2020 season where Corona is resentful.

Kim Gwang-hyun, who started the season with a bullpen, was notified to join the starting team as starting pitchers Mycholas and Martinez left. It was a difficult opportunity for Kim Gwang-hyun, who wanted to prove his worth by starting.

However, Corona caught the ankle.

In St.Louis, two players tested positive for the first time on the Corona 19 test on the 1st, and a total of 16 people (9 players, 7 employees) were confirmed by the 9th.

Because of this, St. Louis postponed the three consecutive matches against the Chicago Cubs, which were scheduled to be held from the 8th to the 10th, and the three home games against Pittsburgh, scheduled to be played from the 11th to the 13th, are also expected to be postponed.

Kim Gwang-hyun was initially scheduled to appear in the game on the 12th. St. Louis has a very chaotic atmosphere.

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